Index analyzes power distribution in Asia

By Luiz Miguel Klen Leite and Jéssica Leite dos Santos |

The Asia Power Index, of Lowy Institute, ranks 26 countries in the region according to their capacity on influencing the international environment. The current version of the report evaluates the power of the countries listed taking into consideration 128 parameters, such as military and economic capabilities, diplomatic influence, resilience and resources at the disposal of the addressed States in the coming decades. Trends on regional power distribution are pointed out such as the possibility of an asymmetrical multipolarity, without the US and China being able to establish undisputed primacy and with the performance of average powers having accentuated relevance.

Impacts on Defense and Security: Initiatives like this help in the remodulation and on the analysis of the Foreign Policy of States providing monitoring of information and anticipating possible scenarios regarding the distribution of international power in the next decades. The impacts of parameters such as international flows of people and initiatives to combat COVID- 19 may have on the State’s ability to influence the international environment are key factors informed.

Source: LOWY INSTITUTE. Lowy Institute Asia Power Index 2020 Edition. 2020. Available at

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