Floods in Acre affected agribusiness, threatening food security

By Gabriela Corrêa |

The river floods in Acre, in February of 2021, led to the destruction of the crops of about 5,000 riverside families. In addition to the estimated economic losses of R$ 300 million, there was a significant increase in the price of the basic staples, since it was necessary to bring food from other states. To mitigate this situation, the state government of Acre sought to adopt three measures: extend the debts of the National Program to Strengthen Family Agriculture, create an emergency aid of R$25.000 to recover economic activities and, corresponding to the same value, acquire supplies, seeds and seedlings to aid in the production recovery of affected riverine.

Impacts on Defense and Security: Agribusiness is the main responsible for the GDP and food security in Brazil, and it is vulnerable to disasters. The overall increase in the number of flood events of affected people and the economic damage arising from them, including infrastructure/services, are a threat to one of the greatest economic expressions of national power.

Source: Enchente gerou prejuízo de R$ 300 milhões para cerca de 5 mil pequenos produtores. Folha do Acre. Rio Branco. 03/05/2021. Available at: https://folhadoacre.com.br/2021/03/05/enchente-gerou-prejuizo-de-r-300-milhoes-para-cerca-de-5-mil-pequenos-produtores/

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