Brazil’s Central Bank payment system is a target of attacks

By Lucas Pinheiro Fonseca and Walmor Cristino Leite Junior |

The new electronic payment system implemented by the Central Bank of Brazil has been targeted by different fraudulent domains According to Kaspersky’s experts, about 30 links were identified using the term ‘’pix’’, less than 24 hours after its launch. The scams aim to infect users’ devices with malware to steal bank access credentials and personal data which can be used as keys. Such attack technique is encouraged by end user’s unawareness in identifying suspicious links.

Impacts on Defense and Security: The successful use of new technologies relies also in good communication and education of the end-users. The absence of programs to strengthen the security mindset when using of digital systems creates a favorable environment for the proliferation of such attacks.

Source: PRACIANO, Daniel. Em menos de 24h, empresa identifica mais de 30 domínios falsos usando o pix como isca. Diário do Nordeste, 10/06/2020 Available at: 


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