Chilean Sattelite marks new space cooperation with Israel

By Agatha Tomassoni Santos and Caroline Colbert |

The observation system of the only Chilean satellite in the space, called FASat Charlie, will be incorporated to the satellite hub of an Israeli company, which will mark the beginning of a new international cooperation among both countries. The satellite will be replaced by three others of bigger capacity, two of them will be manufactured in Israel. The new satellites will be integrated to the space defense force of Chile, The National Satelital System (NSS). The development of these space assets seeks to obtain high-resolution multispectral optical images, which will benefit the formulation of public policies in Defense and National Security and also research.

Impacts on Defense and Security: The international cooperation between Chile and Israel for satellite development highlights the importance of the military presence in space in order to ensure Defense and National Security. Furthermore, it reinforces Latin America’s willingness to dominate this type of technological improvement, which lacks in the region.

Source: FASat Charlie, único satélite chileno en el espacio, trabajará con constelación satelital israelí., Nov-22-2020. Available at:

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