Global warming causes risk of an increase of 3 degrees Celsius

By Nicole Torres and Thauan Santos |

A study from the United Nations Environment Programme (PNUMA) stated that the greenhouse gases reached a new peak in 2019, indicating a rise of 3 degrees Celsius in the average global temperature. According to the survey, the COVID- 19 pandemic lockdown represents only a reduction of 0,01° in the global warming scale. A real difference on the numbers would be a series of stimulus packages from governments, which could decrease the emissions predicted for 2030 in 25%. The research team claims that November was the hottest month in history, and they believe that 2020 could be one of the warmest years ever registered.

Impacts on Defense and Security: Global Warming threatens every single specie on the planet. The PNUMA report states that climate changes include the defrosting in the Arctic region, which elevates sea level; as well as heat waves that cause forest fires. The consequences could generate shortage of resources, and thus affecting humankind.

Source: STAFF, Reuters. The world is on track to warm by 3 degrees Celsius. World Economic Forum (online), 2020. Available at:

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