New Brazilian plan to reduce external dependence on fertilizers

By Samira Scoton and Daniel Vidal Pérez |

Brazil is highly dependent on fertilizer importation, approximately 80% of the amount used in agriculture is imported, which represents 7% of the overall consumption of this input. In order to reduce this dependence, the government is preparing a new plan that will involve, among others, studies of prospection and exploration of new reserves of potassium and phosphorus, which is a delicate subject when it comes to indigenous lands. The intention is to improve the competitiveness of national production, which it should not occur, for example, at the expense of taxation of imports. Brazil is among the world’s largest food producers, thanks to, in significant part, to the use of technologies such as fertilizers.

Impacts on Defense and Security: Agricultural production is responsible for 21% of the Brazilian GDP. The dependence on external inputs subjects the agricultural production to oscillations of market and foreign currency. Therefore, any interference in the import of these inputs compromises agribusiness. This interferes in the economic expression of national power and in the country’s food security, threatening national safety.

Source: SISTEMA OCEPAR. Insumos: Governo quer ampliar produção nacional de fertilizantes. Informe Paraná Cooperativo. . 3/11/2021. Available at:

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