New discovery could innovate the functioning of quantum computers

By Thiago Jacobino Honório |

An article published by scientists from Finland features the discovery of a new type of quantum detector composed by graphene, that would be able to achieve high degree of radiation measurement, enabling greater accuracy in the reading of quantum bits. Known as a bolometer, it is capable of measuring more accurately the state of a quibit than the previous alternatives, which depended on voltage measurements generated interference in the measurement. One of the difficulties of such computers is that their operation is unstable. There are still other challenges to its full functioning, however this new discovery may represent one more step towards the arrival of quantum computers.

Impacts on Defense and Security: In theory, quantum computers would be able to break the security of the most powerful digital systems with ease, thereby offering dominance in the cyber field. Concomitantly, its calculating ability would also speed up research considerably, including in the military field.

Source: KOKKONIEMI, Roope et al. Bolometer operating at the threshold for circuit quantum electrodynamics. Nature. Available at:



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