United States is testing satellite capable of producing electric power

By Larissa Caroline Souza da Silva and Caroline Colbert |

A group of scientists of the US Army successfully tested a satellite, equipped with a solar panel, theoretically capable of beaming electric power from space to anywhere on Earth. The panel, called Photovoltaic Radio-Frequency Antenna Module (PRAM), which harnesses the light that does not pass through the Earth’s atmosphere, was launched in May 2020 and is the size of a pizza box. The prototype generated about 10 watts, enough to power a tablet. Nonetheless, the device has not yet transmitted the energy back to Earth, something that the researchers hope to test in the next coming years.

Impacts on Defense and Security: The development of electric power transmission satellites is still in its early stages. However, that approach, in the future, could supply electrical power to various places on the globe without the need for a physical infrastructure for this purpose.

Source: TANGERMANN, Victor. Us Military testes satellite for beaming power down to Earth. Futurism, 2/4/2021. Available at: https://futurism.com/the-byte/military- tests-satellite-beaming-power-space

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